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My Name is Ryan

August 5, 2019by Admin Intersex0

I was born Intersex at birth my mother and her mid-wife decided to take and register me as a girl. My childhood was full of difficulties mostly when I hit adolescence, my testosterone levels heightened therefore inevitably making me male. It brought confusion and a lot of issues especially in regards to my sex identity. During that hard time in my life, I noted with great concern the existing gap in addressing the plight of Intersex persons in Kenya. This motivated me to become an activist of Intersex persons in Kenya. Consequently, in 2016 I Co-founded the Intersex Persons Society of Kenya to amplify the voices of Intersex persons, promote and protect their rights, provide public education and advocacy of intersex.

With so many successes the recently one is the unbelievable good news that Kenya will and ‘I’ in our ‘normal’ binary system of Male (M)/Female (F) to include Intersex in the coming census. This has given all Intersex persons in Kenya hope and for the first time to feel like citizens from being asylums and itinerant within their own country. This has also given Kenya a historical mileage to be the first country in Africa and the Whole world to include intersex and also working vigorously to promote their visibility.

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